Performance Driving Experience



We have a wide variety of instructor talent on hand to fulfill your requirements. We have SCCA National Club Racing competitors, National Solo trophy winners and even NASA Competition competitors...!

Natha Waldbaum, Chief Instructor

SCCA Midstates Touring 2 Champion

SCCA  National Competition License Holder, Certified Porsche Club of America Instructor, FAASST Instructor, Viper Days Instructor

(most of our instructors have one or more of these same credentials)

Our staff includes:

Natha Waldbaum, Jay Albers, Johnny Albers, Terry Bouge, J.R. Demetri, Ted Johnson, Jerry Dalrymple, Sally Knapp, Fred Bell, Dan Juliano, Dave Champion, Steve Wilwerding, John Krecek, JR Sanders, Steve Gallagher, Trevor Janke, Harold Janke, Dean Palmer, Mike Jones, Jered Kuhfahl, Sandy Steckman, Steve Glaab, Bryan Cohn, Lael Clealand, Tony Brobston, Jake Anton and Kevin Kohlscheen